23rd Apr 2014

This place is like somebody’s memory of a town, and the memory is fading. It’s like there was never anything here but jungle.

21st Apr 2014

Amon Tobin - At The End Of The Day

2nd Mar 2014

The only way I’d fall is if I jumped

That’s why you’re afraid to come over here
because a tiny part of you wants to jump
because it would be so easy

But I don’t want to jump
so I’m not afraid
I would never do that
I’m having too good of a time

15th Feb 2014

Helios - Coast Off

14th Feb 2014
10th Feb 2014

Hot Sugar - The Girl Who Stole My Tamagotchi

9th Feb 2014

it’s called the carousel.

it lets us travel a way a child travels,

round and around, and back home again

to a place where we know we are loved.

1st Feb 2014
29th Jan 2014
28th Jan 2014

Philip Glass - Etude No. 2